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Behavioural Interviews and the STAR Method

Hannah Mason

Behavioural Interviews and the STAR Method

Hannah Mason • Apr 12, 2022

Behavioural or Competency-Based Interviews

This particular style of interview is very common, and is typically the interview style of choice for multinational organisations.

The good news is, whilst challenging, behavioural interviews (often called Competency-Based interviews) are a great opportunity to demonstrate the difference that you could make to an organisation, should they hired you.

This Is Because Behavioural Questions Require You Draw On Your Past Experience

A competency-based question may sound something like “Describe a time when you had to…” or “Give us an example of when you…”

The basic premise of a competency-based question is that how you performed in the past will give a hiring manager a good idea of how you will perform in a similar situation in the future.

The problem is, most candidates go into an interview unprepared for these types of questions. This can result in awkward silences and unstructured answers that fail to demonstrate what the hiring manager is looking for.

Do You Have a Behavioural Interview?

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Anyone Can Prepare for a Behavioural Interview

The great news is that if you do prepare well, you can really stand out from many other candidates.

In this video tutorial, we'll teach you how to prepare properly for a behavioural interview using one of the most common, and most effective, techniques.

Remember This Four-Letter Word – STAR

I have prepared many candidates for job interviews, and I advised each one of them to commit this acronym to memory.

Not only does STAR enable you to communicate in a clear, concise and structured manner, it also allows you to prepare your best examples and ensure that you gather all of the necessary information and detail.

What Does Star Stand For?

► Situation

► Task

► Action

► Result

In This Video Tutorial

We'll explain exactly how to use STAR effectively. We'll also cover five common mistakes that people make in competency-based or behavioural interviews.

00:00 - Intro

02:45 - What is a competency-based interview?

01:59 - How are competency-based interviews scored?

03:56 - What is the STAR technique?

05:22 - How to use the STAR technique

09:30 - Mistakes people make when using the STAR technique

09:43 - Mistake 1 - Not preparing examples

10:53 - Mistake 2 - Not using the right examples

11:56 - Mistake 3 - Using 'we' instead of 'I'

13:12 - Mistake 4 - Getting too technical

14:25 - Mistake 5 - Forgetting your results

Accompanying Guide

We have an in-depth guide that will teach you exactly how to use STAR. It includes preparation sheets and printable resources.