The image is a picture of Dubai and the Burj Al Arab. How to find the best job vacancies in Dubai

Dubai Job Vacancies - How to Find the Best Jobs in Dubai

Joel Mason

Dubai Job Vacancies - How to Find the Best Jobs in Dubai

Joel Mason • Mar 27, 2023

Finding the best quality Dubai job vacancies is all about knowing where to look. In this article, I am going to reveal the five best places to find job opportunities in Dubai. I have ranked them from least, to most effective. Don't get me wrong, all five have their merits, and you can land a job in Dubai using either one of them. But, as a former Dubai recruiter, I know that the best job vacancies in Dubai are not always advertised!

I'm going to help you to stay up-to-date with Dubai job vacancies as they become available. The tips at the end of this article will help you hear about Dubai job vacancies before they even get posted. Being the first to hear of a job opportunity is the most effective way to land a job in Dubai. Disclosure: We are affiliates for some of these products and services. Learn more.

Let's get started.

1. Use to find Dubai job vacancies

First up, will give you a quick overview of all the job vacancies in Dubai currently active online. Indeed is unique in that it scrapes the internet to find Dubai job vacancies from other websites. It's is a great tool for getting a big-picture view of the Dubai job market at any one time.

To conduct a quick search, enter your target role, e.g. 'Marketing Manager' and target location as Dubai. You'll get a list of all the Marketing Manager vacancies in Dubai that have are active anywhere on the web. is a great place to begin your Dubai job search.

Here are a few things that Indeed is good for

1. Submit applications with ease and speed

This is a good way to get your name out there. Provided you only apply for vacancies that match you skillset. Recruiters will begin to see your CV and register your interest.

2. Research Dubai job vacancies

Count up the vacancies matching your criteria, and you'll have an idea of how available your target job is. This will give you an idea of how easy or difficult your job search will be.

3. Research companies and recruiters

You can get a bit of an idea of which companies are hiring. You can then approach them yourself. This is a better strategy. Do the same with the recruitment companies that are advertising your target roles.


The downsides of using is a great place to begin, but, there are some downsides that you should be aware of.

• Job postings on will get lots of applications.

• Vacancies on are usually posted elsewhere so you might be late to the party.

Three tips for using to find a job in Dubai

1. Ensure your profile is complete

Complete each section remembering to include your contact number and email address.

2. Upload your CV

Make sure your CV is up-to-date and that you are using an ATS-friendly CV template.

3. Subscribe to alerts

Set up an initial search for your target role, then enter your email address and activate alerts. This will keep you updated with the latest Dubai vacancies matching your criteria.

2. Use Dubai job boards to find job vacancies

Second on our list are Dubai job boards. There are quite a few job boards in Dubai. In my opinion, there are two Dubai job boards that are a great source of Dubai job vacancies.
Gulf talent

The benefits of Dubai job boards

• Recruiters and hiring managers use job boards to search for candidates. An up-to-date and completed profile makes you more likely to get contacted for roles.

• Once you have completed your profile and uploaded your CV, it's very easy to apply for roles.

• Many companies in Dubai advertise on job boards. It's cheaper than using a recruitment company so you'll find loads of available vacancies.

Three tips for using Dubai job boards

• Only apply for roles for which you are an obvious match.

• Use an up-to-date CV and make sure your contact details are correct.

• Activate alerts so that you stay abreast of new roles.

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3. Use LinkedIn to find Dubai job vacancies

LinkedIn has become the town square of the recruitment world. Hang around long enough and you're sure to hear chatter about the latest job vacancies.

Every Dubai job seeker should be active on LinkedIn. Most Dubai recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates. Companies in Dubai advertise jobs on LinkedIn, and recruiters post roles every day.

3 tips for applying for Dubai jobs on LinkedIn

1. Update key sections of your LinkedIn profile

There are 4 sections of your profile that the hiring manager sees when you apply for a role on LinkedIn. You should update and optimise these sections when you apply

Profile Picture
• Headline
• Experience Section
• Education

2. Send an InMail to the hiring manager

Quite often LinkedIn will tell you who has posted the job advert. If this is the case you'll be able to reach out to them with a brief message to support your application. To do this you'll need to use LinkedIn Premium (or at least a free trial). Click here to sign up.

3. Follow Dubai recruitment companies and recruitment consultants

Dubai recruiters are very likely to post about their current job vacancies. They will also spend a great deal of time on LinkedIn looking for candidates. Follow them, comment on their posts and engage in a meaningful way.

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4. Partner with recruiters to find Dubai job vacancies

The first of the more effective sources of job vacancies is Dubai recruitment agents. Working with a Dubai recruiter is an absolute must for a successful Dubai job search. A good Dubai recruiter can give you access to roles that will never appear on job boards or LinkedIn.

5 reasons to work with a Dubai recruiter

1. Most large companies will use recruiters to help them fill roles.

2. A good Dubai recruiter will have contacts and connections in the companies that you want to work for.

3. Recruiters can present you to a company even before a role is available.

4. You'll reap the benefits of their knowledge and experience.

5. When a recruiter submits your CV for a role, you can guarantee that the hiring manager will see it.

H‍ow to find the right Dubai recruiter for your job search

1. Compile a list of Dubai recruitment companies that recruit in your target industry.

2. Reach out using a well written InMail or InMail message.

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5. Use your network to discover Dubai job vacancies

The final source of Dubai job vacancies is the most effective and most difficult to execute. You should appreciate that Dubai is a very relational culture. Who you know is often more important (and impressive) than what you know.

It's still often the case that many job vacancies get filled through a network of contacts. Every job I ever had in Dubai came about through connections. Hiring managers trust recommendations from colleagues. They are more likely to hire someone who comes recommended to them.

3 reasons to use your network to find job vacancies

Your network can tell you about job vacancies before they even become available. It's often the case that someone knows about resignation or a firing before it happens.
Networking can get your CV onto the desk of the hiring manager, cutting out the middlemen.
A connection can add their personal recommendation, vouching for your skills and experience.

How to begin networking in Dubai

I‍f you're new to Dubai you won't have a large network. That's ok, it's easy to begin building connections in Dubai. You should continue to cultivate these connections over the long-term. You never know when they will be an asset to you.

Ask your friends, family and colleagues who they know in Dubai

Get connected with them and set up a call or meeting. I got my first apartment and job in Dubai in exactly this way.

Start connecting with people on LinkedIn

Tell them that you plan to look for a job in their industry and invite them for a coffee. People love to share their experience and advice.

Sit in coffee shops and start chatting with people

Choose coffee shops near to the places you want to work. If you want to get a job in Dubai Media city choose a coffee shop there. Go every day, take your laptop and apply for jobs. You'll begin to see the same people on a regular basis. Great connections get made in coffee shops!

Send emails and Inmails

Use Sales QL (ad) to get the contact details of your LinkedIn network. Use Hunter io (ad) to get the email addresses and numbers of people in your target companies. Now start to send some engaging messages asking for a coffee.

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All the above sources should form part of your Dubai job search. Put most of your effort into developing a relationship with a recruiter and building your network. When you're not applying for roles on LinkedIn and job boards, take time taking people out for coffee!

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What next?

Landing a job in Dubai is often more complicated than people expect it to be, I'm here to help.

If you'd like to chat with me about your Dubai job search, like here!