A picture of the Palm in Dubai UAE. There are 5 online tools that will help you get a job in Dubai.

Get a Job in Dubai Faster With These 5 Powerful Tools

Joel Mason

Get a Job in Dubai Faster With These 5 Powerful Tools

Joel Mason • Mar 21, 2023

Want to get a job in Dubai? It's not as easy to land a job in Dubai as people think. Competition is fierce and there are lots challenges to overcome.

But, there are tools online that will make the process easier, not to mention faster. As a Dubai recruiter and job search expert I've spent years exploring tools like these. I can tell you that in 2023 there are more great online tools than ever before.

You can make your Dubai job search faster

If you're applying for Dubai jobs in 2023, these 5 online tools will help you. Each tool will benefit certain key areas of your Dubai job search. From writing your CV, optimising your LinkedIn profile and networking with hiring managers, I have you covered. Disclosure: We are affiliates for some of these products and services. Learn more over here.

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1. Jobscan

Jobscan is one of the most powerful and useful job search tools on the market today. Jobscan will help you align your CV and LinkedIn profile with your target Dubai jobs. This is an essential step in any Dubai job search process.

Your Dubai CV must contain the right keywords and highlight your most relevant experience. The same is true of your LinkedIn profile and cover letter. If they do not, you will struggle to get your CV past ATS and get your LinkedIn found by recruiters.

Jobscan will scan your CV, LinkedIn and cover letter, plus the job descriptions of roles you want to land. Jobscan will then tell you what keywords and phrases your documents are missing. It will then help you to place these keywords into the best places. It's simple, very effective and trusted by millions of job seekers.

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2. Resume IO

I will always recommend using a professional CV or resume writer if you can. A CV designed and written by a professional will give you the best chance of success.

But, not everyone can afford the time or money to pay a professional CV writer. That's why I'm including Resume.IO on this list of tools for your Dubai job search.

Each of the templates on Resume.IO follows the exact resume rules hiring managers look for. You can arrange the sections of your resume with ease, use pre-written phrases, and export to PDF or MS Word.

If you're not sure how to write a CV and have a limited budget set aside, Resume.IO is a good place to start.

Explore Resume.IO here

3. Hunter

The most effective way to get a job in Dubai is through networking. The best opportunities come when you get your CV onto the desk of the hiring manager. When you bypass HR, things move faster and you're less likely to get screened out of the process.  

But, how do you get access to hiring managers, directors and CEOs? Hunter. The domain search on Hunter.io will give you a list of people working in a company. It will also give you their email address.

All you need to do is enter a domain or a company name and hit search. It's that simple! Hunter has over 100 million email addresses indexed. This means you can find the professional email addresses of your target contacts in seconds.

Explore Hunter.io here

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4. Sales QL

Sales QL is like Hunter for LinkedIn. Sales QL will supercharge your LinkedIn network. What good is your LinkedIn network of 1st, 2nd and 3rd connections if you can't contact them?

Sales QL finds the professional email addresses of your LinkedIn network. Identify the people in your target companies that can help you and then use Sales QL to get their email address.

You can then export your list of target prospects and begin sending emails. No need to pay for a premium LinkedIn account or wait weeks for your connection requests to get accepted.

Use Sales QL to get the email addresses of Dubai recruiters, HR team leaders and hiring managers in Dubai. This tool will speed up your Dubai job search and connect you with the people who can help you land a job today.

Explore Sales QL here

5. Atlas VPN

In a place like Dubai, online security is important. Most of your job searching will take place in coffee shops, using public WIFI networks. This means your personal data is at risk.

A VPN is a tool that helps to protect your online privacy and security. It does this by creating a secure connection between your device and the internet. When you use a VPN, your internet traffic gets routed through a remote server. This masks your IP address and encrypts your data.

Another huge benefit of using a VPN is it allows you to access restricted content in your location. When searching for a job in another country this can often be a problem.

Give Atlas VPN a try


Technology is evolving at a breathtaking pace. Those who are adopting the latest innovations are starting to outpace those who are not. This is as true in the job market as it is anywhere else.

Using a combination of these tools will make your Dubai job search easier and faster. Don't get left behind, use the tools available to you and get ahead today!