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How to Change Your LinkedIn Profile Picture in 5 Steps

Joel Mason

How to Change Your LinkedIn Profile Picture in 5 Steps

Joel Mason • May 10, 2022

Update your LinkedIn profile picture in a few seconds

Having a great LinkedIn profile picture is more important than a lot of people on LinkedIn realise!

That's why so many people on LinkedIn have terrible quality profile pics, or no LinkedIn profile pic at all.

This post is designed to stop you making the same mistake, if your LinkedIn profile picture could do with an update, follow these five simple steps and do it today!

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Get more views

LinkedIn state that having a profile picture on your LinkedIn profile, as opposed to no pic, makes your profile 14x more likely to be viewed.

Now imagine how many more views you'll get if your LinkedIn profile picture is really professional and looks great!

If you're unsure of how to choose a great profile picture, read this dedicated article.

Step One

Navigate to your profile page and click on your existing profile picture, or that sad empty space where your profile picture should be.

If you are still in the early stages of creating your LinkedIn profile and would like to know how to create a great LinkedIn profile, check out our dedicated guide.

Step Two

This is where you can either edit your existing profile pic or add a new one. We're going to click on 'add new'.

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Step Three

Now we're going to click on 'upload photo', but I'm sure you already figured that out!

Step Four

Now you have to locate your chosen profile picture, you're on your own for this bit as I don't know where you save important files, hopefully somewhere sensible.

You need to make sure that your image is sized correctly, you can find the correct LinkedIn profile picture sizes here.

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Step Five

Your chosen image should now be in the frame, you can now zoom in and out on your picture and adjust the exposure etc.

Once you are happy with it, click 'save photo'.


It was that easy!

Remember, your LinkedIn profile picture is the very first impression that many people will have of you, and those people could be recruiters, hiring managers or potential clients, so now that you know how to do it, aim to update your picture from time to time, keep it fresh and keep getting found!

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