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Hannah is so attentive, detailed, warm, and inviting. She nailed it on the first draft. I couldn’t believe it, as I had a lot of detail and some unique aspects to my previous positions. I immediately noticed an uptick in my interview rate. I’m so grateful for the expertise Hannah shared with me throughout this process!

Joshua Honken, Principal Analytics Consultant
Aimpoint Digital, Mason, Ohio

Hannah took time to know me and crafted a stunning bespoke CV that allowed me to touch base with prominent people from the UAE. I’ve benefit[ed] from her wide network and recruiter experience. I definitely recommend her services, you’ll not be disappointed!

Jalil EL Hanafi, Project Manager
TechFirm Group, Zurich

On the 15th August I secured a new job. From the time of having our consultation and optimisation of LinkedIn and CV it took hardly one month which is outstanding...I wanted to say thank you, because I believe you played a crucial part in my journey.

Chris Brinkmeyer, Warehouse Operations Manager - Healthcare
Hellmann Worldwide Logistics - Middle East and South Asia, Dubai
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