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Professional CV & Job Search Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

All of our sales are final and we work with you until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Do you guarantee that I will get a job?

Every job search and application process has a multitude of variables, therefore no career services business can ever offer you guarantees. We do, however, guarantee that we will treat you as an individual offering you our personal investment into your project and our commitment to the outlined process. Your satisfaction is paramount to us. Find out more about us.

What countries do you work in?

We have lived, worked and recruited internationally and understand what it takes to be hired by top organisations from all over the world. We work with clients globally, and because all of our consultations are completed online, we are in no way restricted geographically. You can read more about your experience here.

What industries to you cover?

We work with professionals across all industries. However, we recognise that some roles are very niche and specialised and that you may need a CV who uniquely understands your industry and job role. If you are unsure whether we would be the best fit for you, then please get in touch with us. We will always give you our honest feedback regarding how we can help and will direct you to seek out someone specialised in your industry if we think that is the best approach.

How does your CV writing process work?
  • Service selection: When you purchase one of our CV packages you will be asked to view my consultation planner and reserve an appointment slot that works for you. Our consultation will take place over zoom or a similar video conferencing platform.
  • Consultation: Our consultation is an opportunity for me to fully understand your career history, successes and achievements and future career goals. My aim is to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes you unique and the value that you can bring to an organisation. This level of understanding enables me to create for you a bespoke CV/resume that tells your story, powerfully communicating your value and personal brand. These sessions can sometimes take longer than the allotted time and we recommend you book a slot at a time when you will not feel rushed.
  • CV preparation: I will create your bespoke CV/resume, at which time an initial draft will be sent to you for review within 5 working days of our consultation. You are then entitled to two (2) sets of revisions within 14 days of receiving the initial draft via email in Word format. Further revisions will incur an additional charge.
Are your CVs ATS friendly?

All of our CVs/resumes are created with ATS in mind and we follow industry best practice to ensure that all the information included in your CV/resume will be correctly processed by recruitment software. We also know that it is ultimately a human being who rejects and shortlists CVs/resumes and these people should always be your primary audience. There is lots of misinformation about ATS and we would advise you to be wary of anyone who is claiming that your current CV/resume is being ‘rejected’ by ATS as this is not wholly accurate.

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System. These systems are used by many large organisations and most recruitment agencies to store and track applicant details and CVs. When applying for roles online, it is quite normal for your CV to be processed and stored in such a system. These systems allow your CV to be searched and scanned for keywords and phrases that match job opportunities and some software will also rank CVs by relevance. Typically, ATS will not reject your CV, however there are certain formatting standards that enable your document to be more accurately processed by this software. You can read more about ATS here.

We Do Great Work

Hannah took time to know me and crafted a stunning bespoke CV that allowed me to touch base with prominent people from the UAE. I’ve benefit[ed] from her wide network and recruiter experience. I definitely recommend her...you’ll not be disappointed!

Jalil EL Hanafi, Project Manager
TechFirm Group, Zurich

On the 15th August I secured a new job. From the time of having our consultation and optimisation of LinkedIn and CV it took hardly one month which is outstanding...I wanted to say THANK YOU, because I believe you played a crucial part in my journey.

Chris Brinkmeyer, Warehouse Operations Manager - Healthcare
Hellmann Worldwide Logistics - Middle East and South Asia, Dubai

Hannah wrote my CV and she did a great job. She has demonstrated professionalism and high quality in her work and has exceeded my expectations. Thank you for your outstanding product, which will help me a lot in my career. Thank you so much Hannah.

Ali Al-Harbi, General Manager
S-Chem Petrochemicals Company, Eastern Province Saudi Arabia

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