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What Are LinkedIn Recommendations and How Do You Get Them?

Hannah Mason

What Are LinkedIn Recommendations and How Do You Get Them?

Hannah Mason • Feb 08, 2023

You need more LinkedIn recommendations

Alongside LinkedIn InMails, LinkedIn Recommendations are one of the most overlooked, and yet one of the most powerful elements of LinkedIn.

Whether you are looking to land your next career opportunity, or secure more clients and business opportunities, LinkedIn recommendations are a valuable resource.  

In this article, I will cover what LinkedIn recommendations are and why they're important, as well as guide you through exactly how you can get great LinkedIn recommendations on your LinkedIn profile.

have also included scripts that will help you to ask colleagues, managers and clients to leave you a powerful recommendation on your LinkedIn profile.


What are LinkedIn recommendations?

Anyone with a LinkedIn profile can ask a connection to write them a recommendation.

This recommendation is then featured on your LinkedIn profile page forever (or until you remove it) and is available for anyone to read.

It will also be viewable on the LinkedIn profile of the person who wrote you the recommendation. 

LinkedIn recommendations are not endorsements.

Endorsements are when someone simply clicks on one of your listed skills to indicate that you are skilled in that area. 

Why are LinkedIn recommendations important?

Well, for the same reason that potential employers will ask for references before they hire you, and for the same reason that people will read reviews before they purchase a product or service online.  

We all feel more comfortable when somebody else has already recommended a person or a product to us, social proof is a really powerful sales tool. 

So, whether you're looking to attract clients or to land a new job, having recommendations will greatly enhance your LinkedIn profile and will aid in convincing the viewer that you are the real deal!

How many LinkedIn recommendations should you have?

The more the better. If you have one recommendation, it's somewhat powerful, but if you have 10, 20, 30 or more, you are building up a body of evidence that testifies to your expertise, skills, experience and your professionalism. 

If you were on Amazon looking to make a purchase, and one product had a hundred five-star reviews and the other had zero reviews, you would be much more likely to purchase the product with all the great reviews.

Simply put, it gives you peace of mind and reassurance that that product will do exactly what it claims to do.  

If you have no “reviews” on your LinkedIn (no recommendations) you're not telling the whole story. By getting recommendations from clients or colleagues, you are giving a complete picture and you are really selling yourself to whomever is viewing your profile. 

You don't need to wait until a prospective employer asks for references. Instead, you can give them some very compelling reasons to interview, and potentially hire you, before they even speak with you.


Whom should you ask for a LinkedIn recommendation?

Firstly, you should never ask people that you haven't worked with or don’t have some kind of professional relationship with.

You may think that's obvious, but a lot of the time I have people that I’m connected with, but that I have never interacted with professionally, ask me to recommend them. This is simply not the right approach. 

Instead, you should ask for recommendations from people that you have worked with. This could be colleagues, managers, people you have managed and individuals that have worked in the same group with you and with whom you have interacted.

I suggest you start by asking people that you know well; people that you can feel confident going to and asking for a recommendation. As you begin to get more LinkedIn recommendations, you can begin to reach out wider and wider into your network.

How do you get LinkedIn recommendations on your LinkedIn profile?

The easiest way to request a recommendation is to visit the profile of the person you would like to write the recommendation. Click on ‘more…’ in their header section and then select ‘Request a recommendation’. 

How to request a LinkedIn recommendation

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LinkedIn recommendation request scripts

Below are three templates that you can use to request recommendations.

Choose the template that suits you best and make sure to customise it with your personal information.  

As I said at the start, LinkedIn recommendations are a powerful tool for job seekers, graduates, business owners and sole traders alike, and I wish you all the best as you continue the journey of building an impressive online profile.  

(Please remember to delete the text in italics and replace with your own words

Message to former colleagues:

Hi insert name 

It was so great working with you at insert company name and I hope you and the team are doing well!

I am currently working on my LinkedIn profile and I would really appreciate it if you could write me a recommendation on LinkedIn. 

In particular, it would be useful if you could share your experience of working with me on insert project/task details and how you found me as a colleague.

It would also be useful if you could mention insert details of what skills you would like mentioned.

Of course, I’d be happy to return the favour and write a LinkedIn recommendation for you also!  

Please let me know if there are any skills you would like me to highlight?   

Best Regards 

Your name

Message to a mentor or teacher:

Dear insert name

Thank you for all your support, it’s been great having you as a mentor/teacher.

I’m currently looking for a new job and it would really help me if you could write a recommendation on my LinkedIn profile. 

I’m specifically targeting insert details roles so if you could mention my skills in insert details then that would be particularly useful. 

I hope to keep in touch!

Your name

Message to clients and customers:

Dear insert name

Thank you once again for your recent business and for your positive review on insert platform details. 

I’d love to have your review featured on my LinkedIn profile also.

If you’re happy to do so, please could you click on the link here and copy and paste the below text into the LinkedIn recommendation.

Of course, you can write something else if you’d prefer but I thought this would save you some time.

Insert review text

I hope to have the opportunity to do business again with you soon. 

Best Regards

Your name 


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