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How to Write a Cover Letter Using Microsoft Word

Hannah Mason

How to Write a Cover Letter Using Microsoft Word

Hannah Mason • Mar 17, 2022

How to Write a Cover Letter

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Do cover letters get read by recruiters and hiring managers? 

Well, sometimes cover letters get read, and sometimes they don't, so should you send a cover letter with your job application?

I think that you should, especially if you're not 100% confident in your CV.

Let me explain; whilst it’s true that not all cover letters get read, a good cover letter can be the deciding factor in your application. When I was a corporate recruiter, I didn't really take the time to read the cover letter of someone who was obviously not a suitable fit for the role based on their CV. It would simply be a waste of time. Nor, would a cover letter make a lot of difference to my decision if I already knew I was going to shortlist the candidate based on their CV.

However, a cover letter could certainly influence my decision if I were undecided about the candidate.

So, in many cases, a well-written cover letter was the very thing that helped a candidate get shortlisted for a role. It can be so worth it to send a good cover letter with your job applications.

After all, wouldn't you want to give yourself the best possible chance of being successful in your job search?

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What Makes a Good Cover Letter?

There are a few important things that make a cover letter a 'good' cover letter:

1. It is addressed to the reader, using their correct name, correctly spelt (not ‘to whom it may concern’)

2. It gets to the point and grabs the reader’s attention immediately

3. It very quickly evidences how the applicant is well suited for the role

4. It gives insight as to why the person is interested in the company

In this video, I will show you exactly how to format and write a cover letter that will help you land job interviews.