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How to Write a Modern CV

Hannah Mason

How to Write a Modern CV

Hannah Mason • Sep 04, 2023

What Modern CV Writing Trends Do You Need to Know About?

It’s true that the basic principles for creating a CV have remained pretty much the same for many years. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren't certain trends that go in and out of fashion from time to time.

In This Video Tutorial, I’ll Share Four CV Trends That Will Set You Apart

The Four CV Trends That You Need to Be Aware of Are:

► Personal Branding

► Ditching the Sidebar

ATS-Friendly Designs

► Thinking Like a Consultant

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Not Long Ago It Was Common Practice to Include a ‘Career Objective’ on Your CV

Today, this is mostly redundant and has been replaced by a professional summary section. When job seekers used to print out their CVs and deliver them by hand, a one-page document was pretty ideal, but now that most CVs are viewed on screens, two and three-page documents have become the standard and one-page documents are often considered to be lacking in important and relevant detail.

In this video tutorial, I'll cover three important trends that will ensure your CV lands you job interviews, and ultimately new and exciting career opportunities. Stay tuned to the end for my bonus tip that will make your CV stand out this year!